The Blessing Center is a non-profit charitable organization, based in Dayton Ohio.

the blessing center

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Our understanding of blessing is literally "God's enabling vitality" breathed into us from the beginning. In this context we are not talking about sunny days, financial windfalls, miraculous healing, or life without challenges and hardship. This blessing, given as part of our creation, is given to everyone, is given by God, can only be given by God. We cannot earn it. We cannot lose it. We can only live into it. When we speak of offering blessing, we are simply reminding one another that God's blessing exists.

Spiritual Nurture based on this concept of blessing has been defined as a formation model affirming that children are born with an innate spirituality and connection to God, which, when tended by faithful adults, can be a child's source of strength and comfort as he/she grows. Further, there is no need to limit spiritual nurturing to children. This affirmation is beneficial regardless of a person's age. God's presence and activity is acknowledged. A relationship with God and God's people leads to acts of love as young and older alike are enabled to maintain their connection with God throughout life.

Our vision

To share awareness of God's blessing, God's enabling vitality.

Our mission

We bear witness to God's blessing of every human by recognizing God's vitality at work in others, by nurturing spiritual growth rooted in God's blessing, and by ritually affirming that blessing aloud.

Focused on Spiritual Nurture:
fostering confidence in God's blessing.