and honor their wholeness.

Children have led us to recognize them, not as future adults, but as spiritual beings connected to God now.  That in turn leads us to an awareness of the holiness of, God's blessing of, all individuals.  The principles upon which the Blessing Center was founded have come from work with children.

Our passion for nurture comes from our work with children!

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Our experience tells us children are born with an innate spirituality and connection with God.

Children thrive

when we nurture their spirits

The Blessing Center is a non-profit charitable organization,
based in Dayton Ohio.

We nurture by being fully present:
        paying attention, observing, listening,
listening to children,
listening to stories about children,
listening to God at work.

We honor a child's wholeness with affirmation:
affirmation of their feelings,
affirmation of their fears and joys,
affirmation of their understanding of their world,
affirmation of their connection with God,

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