Baby Prayer Booklet

Praying with Your Baby offers an avenue into a spiritual time shared by parent and child.  For some families, directions may seem superfluous. However, many of us have trouble simply praying aloud. Thinking about when and how to introduce a child to prayer can be daunting. The suggestions found in Praying with Your Baby not only provide ideas about what we might do, in a subtle way they give us permission to do it. Regardless of a parent's starting point, the booklet can be a wonderful gift of welcome and celebration of new life.
To ask for a copy of the booklet, please make a request by using the form on the < contact > page.
An electronic copy of Praying with Your Baby is available on request at no cost. A presentation copy is available for a minimum $5.00 donation.
The Blessing Center is a non-profit charitable organization,
based in Dayton Ohio.