The Blessing Center is a non-profit charitable organization, based in Dayton Ohio.

the blessing center

The Ritual of Blessing:  a celebration, a benediction.

Let us emphasize, this ritual is an affirmation of God's blessing, the blessing which already exists.  The words we use are "Name, God created you, God loves you, God is with you, God blesses you."

Usually the person offering the blessing will hold the hand of the person being blessed, or rest a hand on his/her shoulder.  Sometimes the words of the blessing are accompanied by the application of oil in the sign of the cross on the back of the hand of the recipient or on the forehead. Roll on glitter or lip balm with fragrance can be substituted for oil when drawing the cross on the back of the hand. This is appropriate for any age, and a variety of circumstances, but works especially well with children.

The poetic, ritual nature of the blessing is most effective when, beginning with the recipient's name, the same words are always repeated. Our first use of the blessing was as a closing for a pre-school children's chapel service. Often, now, in addition to an adult offering the blessing to each child, the children offer the blessing to each other in turn. Similarly, gatherings of adults may conclude with the blessing being offered from one to another around a circle. The blessing has been used at the bedside when calling on someone who is ill. And the blessing has been used at weddings.