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The Blessing Center grew from experiences gained in a children's "chapel time" ministry established in a day preschool program. As that service was modified to reflect the children's positive responses to ritual, sharing of prayer concerns and individual blessing,  the foundational understandings of the Blessing Center ministries were revealed:  the spirituality and holiness of children, the importance of rituals of song and action, prayer sharing, and blessing of each child by name. 

The early ministry was reinforced through coordination and training with Dr. Leanne Hadley, formerly with First Steps Spirituality Center, in her Colorado program of Blessing Based Spiritual Nurture. A formal exploration of these concepts was initiated at United Theological Seminary (UTC), Dayton, OH, and it quickly became apparent that the foundational understandings apply to all, regardless of age.

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The Blessing Center is a non-profit charitable organization,
based in Dayton Ohio.