In addition to the core elements of Holy Listening, prayer, and blessing, Blessing Based Spiritual Nurture (BBSN) requires structure and intentional  leadership by trained adults

The structure begins with establishing a regular place and time. 

< Holy Listening > sessions may be used in a variety of organizations.  Their common thread is a mission to help children’s formation as whole people.  The nature of that organization will have an impact on location and frequency.   Regardless,  a < Holy Space > should be designated.  It might be a chapel, a counselor's office, or even the family car.  It may contain tangible objects used to facilitate conversation or comfort participants. The frequency of sessions will depend on the circumstances but usually will adhere to a predictable schedule.

Prior to the beginning of a session, a settling time or preparatory activity sets the tone.  Participants may be encouraged to simply "be still", to think about a joy or concern they will raise during the listening, or to perform an exercise that will help them recognize the feelings they need to share. 

The structure continues with the ritual which occurs within each session:  an opening which acknowledges  the presence of God - we are in a Holy Space;  the opportunity for Holy Listening/Conversation;  time for prayer as a response to that conversation;  a conclusion with each individual given a "blessing" - actually a reminder of God's blessing - with the words [name], God created you, God loves you, God is with you, God blesses you.

There is no outline of material to be covered.  There are no particular mile stones which must be met.  There is nothing to measure.   The process, itself, creates an environment where there is room for fear, for tears, for tales that need telling, for empathy, for intuition, for spirit, for joy.  For God and awareness of our connection to God.

We have found the better explanation is the on-going witness to results  in  example and  story.  It continues to deepen our understanding of God's blessing.  We are anxious to share it with you.  To that end, you will find frequently refreshed posts on our < facebook> page:  topical articles from varying points of view, the relaying of personal events, "pictures" of blessing.

Please especially note the definition of Blessing.  In this context we are not talking about sunny days, financial windfalls, miraculous healing, or life without challenges and hardship.    This blessing, given as part of our creation, is given to everyone, is given by God, can only be given by God.


Classifying  listening, conversation, or space as "Holy" indicates that we consecrate them to God and to the work of  spiritual connection to God.

Blessing          God's enabling vitality

Base(d)             foundation;  underlying premise

Spiritual           pertaining to or affecting the soul;
                          standing in a relationship to another based on matters of the soul

Nurture            that which feeds; the process of supporting, bringing to maturity;                            social environment as an influence on personality

< Experience > a Blessing centered worship service.

See an < example > of Prayer and Blessing in a Children's Chapel setting.  

Holy Listening, is that what this is called?  Sometimes.  Or Chapel - because that was the setting where it began.  Frequently "Prayer and Blessing" is used to refer to the sessions.

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Blessing Based Spiritual Nurture(BBSN)
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