We are confident that Holy listening, prayer, and blessing are practices which facilitate spiritual nurture.  They are at the core of the ritual we refer to as Prayer and Blessing.  . . . . < more > about Prayer and Blessing in a Children's Chapel setting.  
Praying with Your Baby:  we recommend this < booklet > that helps a parent get started. 


The Blessing Center is a non-profit charitable organization,
based in Dayton Ohio.
We offer training in Blessing Based Spiritual Nurture to equip adults who work with children.  To learn when and where, watch for announcements in < facebook > events and on this web site's < Home >  page.  Request information with the form on the < Contact > page.
We find that Holy listening/conversation, allowing space for fearless communication, acknowledging God's presence, has broad application. . . . . < more > 

Story/example is our most effective tool for deepening our knowledge of blessing and sharing what we've experienced.  To that end, you will find frequently refreshed posts on our < facebook > page:  topical articles from varying points of view, retelling of personal events, "pictures" of blessing.

Our practices are based, first of all, on our understanding of blessing:  literally "God's enabling vitality" breathed into us from the beginning;  secondly, on witnessing that enabling vitality in the spontaneous innocent spirituality of children.  We are called to nurture it in them, in you, in ourselves, and to spread the word.